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Jeanine Leigh Candle Tin Label Design

Candle label design mixing vintage brand aesthetics with new, sleek, modern layouts. Fits seamlessly with handmade goods and luxury, small products. Focused on being consumable in bite sizes to fit a lifestyle of focusing on “life’s little pleasures.”

candle label design


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Launched: New brand, new website, new focus

Welcome to our new brand and website. Four years ago we had a small idea of where this business would take us, but we never imagined ourselves in the incredible position we are in today. Our focus has always been to grow naturally, organically, and authentically. As we grew, so did our ideas, and so… Read more

How To Survive and Succeed During a Business Change

Change, or a pivot, is inevitable as an entrepreneur. How you handle a business change defines your success. But when is the right time to pivot? And how? Pivot, noun: A structured change or correction to your current course of action. At some point as an entrepreneur you will be faced with a business change. You’ve… Read more

How to Successfully Launch a Brand (3 Different Ways)

You’ve done all this work, now how do you launch a brand? A “One-size-fits-all” approach leaves a lot to be desired and causes missed opportunities and a lot of stress. It’s also the most common question we get asked by our own clients. The “NOW WHAT?” phase of change can feel daunting to even the most… Read more

Be OK With Taking a Vacation

As business owners we’re all discouraged from taking time for ourselves. We’re the hardest working, most dedicated, and take the biggest risks. Yet we don’t vacation. The idea of leaving your business to run on its own causes most of us enough anxiety to keep us bolted to our office seats. This is you: You… Read more

Create a Life Routine You Love

All of us small business owners face a moment in time where we’re overwhelmed, frazzled, and simply don’t know what to do about it. Whether it’s at the height of busy season or smack in the middle of life handing you a bunch of lemons, (or both), it can be easy to feel out of… Read more

The Basics of Marketing a Small Business in 3 Parts

  Marketing for a small business is no easy task. Creating a plan of attack to tackle your marketing can be tough. Where do you start? How do you approach it? What the heck do you even do? For some businesses, owners feel like it’s a moving target, on fire, over a pit of sharks with… Read more

How Much Does Branding Cost?

How much does branding cost? How much does branding cost, exactly, and how can you make sure that investment pays for itself? We live in an incredibly fast-paced, impatient environment full of customers that are flying through information at the speed of light and are inundated with a world of choices. With a plethora of options and… Read more

How To Create a Blazing Fast WordPress Site in Under 10 minutes

In this series of blog posts we will be tackling ways to help you speed up your WordPress site. A note: we are not being compensated by Cloudways; we are just fans. Ever been navigating your site and thought, “Damn, this is loading so slow!”? You downloaded some plugins, enabled caching, optimized your images (all… Read more

How To Make A Social Media Calendar In 5 Easy Steps

Making a Social Media Calendar Should Be a Breeze. (bonus: we made you free social media calendar you can copy. niiiice.)   At some point in 2015 you’ve looked at your competition’s Instagram, Facebook or Blog page and said, “Damn, I wish I looked that awesome.” Or you’ve dreamt of being more consistent with the look… Read more